Why use Bespoke Animations?

To give you a ball park figure – a 3 minute bespoke animation including getting the information from you, script writing, storyboarding, hand drawn and captured animation, edit, voiceover, music and sound effects is  approximately £1850.

We’ve done a lot of research and Bespoke Animations is competitively priced to provide you with exactly what you need but at a fair cost. We don’t think our friendly, thorough service should be listed in our “What’s included” cost breakdown – we’re just naturally happy to help!

In the interests of being super competitive we’d rather not publish our full prices for all to see, however what we can tell you is that because we aim for quantity AND quality AND we’re a whole lot cheaper than is published here!

Remember to look at the Examples page and please get in touch for your no obligation quote. We’re lovely people and we don’t bite!