What are you waiting for? Let’s animate!

Step 1 - Online Form


Details, Details, Details! Sell us your ideas, tell us who you are and share with us your product, service or idea. We'll take your features and focus on the benefits, solutions and outcomes for your prospects. The more we know, the faster the process and we can get fully on board and deliver your perfect animation.

Step 2 - Scripting


One of the most important steps as we need to ensure we get your message across precisely and correctly. One of our creative, imaginative and comical scriptwriters will get to work on your script using all the information you provide. The scriptwriter will work with you on revisions to the script to ensure maximum impact. .

Step 3 - Storyboard


Your unique script is sent to our animations team who will storyboard their ideas and concepts to support your message. This is an exciting point as you’ll get to see our collaboration of ideas starting to take shape! If you’re ecstatic and ready to go with it the animation process will begin.

Step 4 - Animation Begins


Our talented team will start on your bespoke animation especially created for you and your company’s goals. The fewer revisions we have to make the quicker we can get your product to you, so we aim to get it right as quickly as possible. But if you’re unhappy with something we’re more than willing to make revisions for you.

Step 5 - Voiceover


We have an array of professional voice-over artists ready and eager to get involved in your project. You will already have specified your ideal voiceover characteristics and we will ensure we choose the best one for your individual product. They will be coached to deliver your message and call to action in just the right tone.

Step 6 - Music & Sound Effects


We have access to all different genres of music, so based on experience we can pick the one that will have the most benefit or add the most impact to your bespoke animation. If it’s appropriate we can also add sound effects to support your bespoke animation allowing your message to come across with even more of a bang.


Step 7 - The Finished Product

We will send you a password protected link to your bespoke animation or copy it to a USB stick so you can increase stickiness of your website and get it shared on social media straight away.

After all, all this hard work was for you!

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